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Recent Updates to the site:

  • Battle of Hoole Heath (Apr 2023): King Charles' paid a visit to Hoole in 1642 and was back in Chester three years later to see his army defeated. Much of the fighting on this second visit took place in Hoole, but exactly where in Hoole isn't entirely clear.
  • Ermine (Jan 2023): a little of the history of the old building

  • In the article Hoole Road a new section on 'Hoole Road North Side from Kilmorey Park Avenue to Newton Lane (Jan 22)
  • Streets of Hoole & Newton under the article Hoole Road where information on the 'Martins Bank Building' was been added. Also the article in Wartime Hoole, for Sheila Gillen (GILLEN S) in the 'World War 2 casualties not on Hoole & Newton War Memorial' section was updated. (Nov 21)
  • Leisure & Recreation in Hoole where the article on 'Hoole Carpet Bowling Club' has been considerably revised thanks to information from Simon Waddington. (Oct 21)
  • People of Hoole where a new article on 'Thomas Bater' has been added. (Oct 21)
  • Streets of Hoole & Newton under the article 'Walker Street' where information on a proposed cinema in Hoole, and the area between Pickering Street and School Street, together with several photographs, has been added. (Aug 21)
  • Leisure & Recreation in Hoole in the article on 'Hoole Parks and Open Green Spaces' new information has been added regarding 'J.C. Loudon, Hoole House Estate, and the People’s Parks in Hoole' following the presentation to members on 22 July. (Aug 21)
  • Leisure & Recreation in Hoole under the article 'The Game of Bowls' which describes the history of Bowling Clubs in Hoole and Newton, and links to the development of the Hoole Ladies Bowling Club in particular. An earlier update was in the same section entitled '29 April 1953: His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh opened Coronation Playing Field' which has been expanded following the recent death of Prince Philip. Inevitably this has provoked interest, and for older people memories of his visit to Hoole in April 1953. (Jun 21)