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Welcome to Hoole History and Heritage Society

Hoole Urban District Council Crest "All is in vain without the Lord"

Welcome to the new Hoole History and Heritage Society (the 'Society') website. The site continues to be developed now we have transferred from our old provider (BT Community website) to whom we are very grateful for many years of support to the Society.

News and Updates


The Society’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 15th December at 7.30pm. The meeting will be held online, by Zoom, in view of the ongoing difficulties in holding in-person meetings. Society members will be notified and invited individually. (Nov 21)


Latest updates can be found in Streets of Hoole & Newton under the article 'Hoole Road' where information on the Martins Bank Building has been added. Also the article in Wartime Hoole, for Sheila Gillen (GILLEN S) in the 'World War 2 casualties not on Hoole & Newton War Memorial' section has been updated. (Nov 21)

'In Touch' Newsletter October 2021 has been added, see below. (Oct 21)

Previous Updates can be found in:

Leisure & Recreation in Hoole where the article on 'Hoole Carpet Bowling Club' has been considerably revised thanks to information from Simon Waddington. (Oct 21)

People of Hoole where a new article on 'Thomas Bater' has been added. (Oct 21)

Streets of Hoole & Newton under the article 'Walker Street' where information on a proposed cinema in Hoole, and the area between Pickering Street and School Street, together with several photographs, has been added. (Aug 21)

Leisure & Recreation in Hoole in the article on 'Hoole Parks and Open Green Spaces' new information has been added regarding 'J.C. Loudon, Hoole House Estate, and the People’s Parks in Hoole' following the presentation to members on 22 July. (Aug 21)

Leisure & Recreation in Hoole under the article 'The Game of Bowls' which describes the history of Bowling Clubs in Hoole and Newton, and links to the development of the Hoole Ladies Bowling Club in particular. An earlier update was in the same section entitled '29 April 1953: His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh opened Coronation Playing Field' which has been expanded following the recent death of Prince Philip. Inevitably this has provoked interest, and for older people memories of his visit to Hoole in April 1953. (Jun 21)

Errata - the photograph for Private Samuel V Nuttall (NUTTALL S V) has been corrected thanks to feedback from his grandson Kevin Silvester.


As many of you know, our meetings programme is currently suspended following Government advice on the Coronavirus pandemic. We will update this message when it becomes clear that we can safely resume. Please do continue to contact us with news, questions and history snippets. Meanwhile, we wish you well.

Online Members Meeting - Thursday 30 September - 'Compiling the Local Heritage List for Hoole' - This was a very important meeting for our Society, which reaches the 9th anniversary of its inaugural meeting, held in Hoole Community Centre on 27 September 2012. Dr James Dixon, Built Environment Officer (Conservation and Design), Cheshire West and Chester Council, and Ruth McKew, a co-Director of Headland Design Associates, who are contracted by the Council to facilitate community engagement in the process, spoke to members and gave an overview of Cheshire West and Chester Council’s forthcoming work on Local Listing. Ruth McKew presented in more detail how we can take part, and ensure attention deserving of our existing research.

A follow-up meeting took place on Wednesday 21 October, chaired by Linda Webb, the details of the findings from this meeting will be published when available.


Whilst meetings in person are unavailable, we have initiated a series of group Zoom presentations for Society members. It is hoped that these presentations will form the basis for future updates on this site.

Presentations given so far are:

  1. 'The Couturière, the Duke and the Deed of Gift' - being the story of the early lives, careers and relationship of Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor, “Bendor”, Second Duke of Westminster, and Mlle Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel. The presenter was Society member Monty Mercer. The presentation was in two parts, aired on Tuesday 20 April and Tuesday 18 May.
  2. 'Balloning and Thomas Baldwin' - a story of the 1785 pioneering Chester ballonist Thomas Baldwin. The presenter was Society member Peter Elliot. The presentation was aired on Thursday 17 June.
  3. 'J. C. Loudon esquire, Hoole House Estate, and the People’s Parks in Hoole''- in which Society member Linda Webb explored the emergence of the parks and open spaces in Hoole from the Hoole House Estate. The presentation was aired on Thursday 22 July.

The presentation 'The Royal Agricultural Show at Hoole, 1893' was given by Society member Monty Mercer on 17 November 2021. Part of the site of which is now the Allotments, and in a first for the Society we shared it with Hoole Allotments and Gardens Association (HAGA) whose members were invited to join with us. The larger part was, of course, later used to form the Park and Playing Fields. This was a refreshed and developed version of a previous similar presentation, covering the preparation period, the week of the Show itself, and its lasting legacy to Hoole, and wider Cheshire.

"During the last two thirds of the 19thC, and well into the 20th, the Royal Agricultural Show in England was "the premier agricultural event in the world". It attracted contributors from the Dominions, and later the Commonwealth. Its aim was to show the best developments in farming practice and equipment, its motto being "Practice through Science". When, in early 1892, Chester won the honour to put on the 1893 Show in Hoole in June of that year, it heralded the beginning of far-reaching changes to the township, and the event itself was the most populous, over the week of its existence, ever to have taken place in the district."

Monty made revelations about discoveries on the Hoole Allotments and, most importantly, displayed hitherto unknown contemporary stereoscopic photographs of the most 'royal' aspect of the Showground. Further information can be found at 'Royal Agricultural Show in Hoole'.

Future presentations are under discussion. Society members will be notified and invited individually.


During the shutdown the Society has continued to keep in touch and share information with its members through Newsletter emails. These are now being shared to a wider audience:

01HP2 Hoole Road early 1900s.jpg

Data Protection & Copyright

Data Protection Policy and Procedures

Hoole History and Heritage Society is committed to protecting all personal information that is entrusted to us by people and to respecting their rights around how their information is handled. If you wish to see our data protection policy in full, please use the 'Contact Us' page and request a copy of the 'Hoole History and Heritage Society - Data Protection Policy and Procedures'.


A clause has been added to our 'Terms and Conditions' page to address regular requests the Society receives for copies of the photographs we have on the website. This clause reads "Materials (including photographs) from which the articles in this website are developed are, unless otherwise identified, believed by the Society to reside in the public domain. Should anyone or any organisation dispute this assertion please contact the Society (through the Contact Us page) and we will do our utmost to resolve the matter to everyone’s satisfaction (e.g. by appropriate attribution)."