Transcribed 'Memorial' & Signatories

From Hoole History and Heritage Society

See Original 'Memorial' & Signatories, pages 1 and 2

To the London and North Western and Great Western Joint Railway Companies 1889.

The Memorial of the undersigned residents in Flookersbrook, Hoole, Newton, Upton and Trafford


That your Memorialists reside in Flookersbrook, Hoole, Newton, Upton and Trafford on the northern side of your Chester general railway station, but are shut out from direct access to that station, notwithstanding that a considerable portion of it is actually situate in Hoole.

Several of your memorialists are merchants, commercial travellers and others whose avocations necessitate daily or frequent railway travelling. Some of us regularly take out railway contracts with one or other or both of your companies.

The population of the area within which your memorialists reside has greatly increased during recent years and continues to increase. The building of residences for the accommodation of those to whom proximity to a convenient railway centre is an object has for many years progressively developed, is on the increase, and, having regard to the extent of eligible building land available, would advance more rapidly if an approach to your general railway station on the north/ or Hoole/ side, were provided, as we venture to submit due consideration for the passenger traffic resorting to the station from that side demands it should be.

At present, to get to the general railway station from this northern side, foot passengers must go past the station up the whole ascent of a long and disagreeable bridge, thence down a flight of steps  which are only used on sufferance and are very uninviting, especially at night, and thence about 200 yards along a road on the south side of the station, which is frequently in almost unusable condition, and has no flagged, or other, footpath, whilst vehicular traffic has, in addition, to descend the bridge, make a sharp and dangerous turn, and return on a different level to nearly the starting point, thus accomplishing a wholly unnecessary distance of about quarter of a mile; moreover, the bridge, which has to be thus traversed for its whole length by buses and vehicles, and for the greater portion of its length by foot passengers, is subject to very heavy goods and cattle traffic. There is no protection for pedestrians against cattle being driven on it; it is very indifferently lighted at night, and it is subject to high shrieking, whistling, smoke and nuisances incident to a number of railways concentrating under it, as they run into the station.

The necessity for the alterations and extension of the station accommodation now being effected, is presumably necessitated by increase of your companies’ businesses, which in some measure, at least has been, and is, contributed by those whose interests we are urging.

Your memorialists, therefore, very respectfully, but most urgently, ask you to provide direct access to the station on the north side.

And your memorialists will ever pray it.

See Original 'Memorial' & Signatories, page 2 (end)

Edward Evans Lloyd Plas Newton by Chester and Upton

Earl Kilmorey                          Walker Smith Way his agents

See Original 'Memorial' & Signatories, page 3

Georg A. Dickson                    Springfield Flookersbrook

Alfred Dickson                         Carlton(?) Villa

James Dickson                        Bromfield Arms

John S Dickson                       The Limes Hoole

Mr Johnstone                          The Laurels Newton

William Heath                          Heath (?) Upton

Alfred Tyrer                             Plas Newton

Geo. L. Wigg                           Upton House

T.L. Rogers                             Upton Cottage

Balfour Logan                         Upton Lawn

R D Thomas                            Heywood House

Roger Bass                             Newton House

Ann Humberston                     Newton Hall

T. D. (?) Davies                       Woodfield Hoole

John Magnus Henderson       Ashby Place Flookersbrook

Edmund J Baillie                     Woodbine Upton Park

J Kemp                                    Upton Lodge

T J Smith                                 Moor House Flookersbrook

Ted? W? Churchill                  Greenfield House Hoole

James Hunter                         Ashby House Flookersbrook

Anthony Bradley                     Rose Cottage Newton

T. Davies-Colley MD & SO?   Newton Cottage

John L Hedley                        The Gables Flookersbrook

Forbes Woodhouse                Old Hall Hoole

Chas Greenhouse                  Pool House Flookersbrook

See Original 'Memorial' & Signatories, page 4

Thomas Taylor                         Nant ??

Jane Phillips                            Greenfield House Hoole

J Trevor Dickson                     Springfield Flookersbrook

Elisa Helen Douglas               The Poplars Flookersbrook

George A Kenyon                   Flookersbrook

George Cowrie                       16 Brook Lane

Henry Dunning                        Upton Lane

J Doughty                                7 Faulkner St

E Noel Humphries                   8 Derby Place Hoole

John? Cameron                      1 Hamilton Terrace Hoole

Mary Anne Dinwoodie            2 Faulkner Street Hoole

John Mason                            7 Faulkner Street Hoole

J W Rhodes                            7 Faulkner St Hoole

?? Dickson                              Mayfield Hoole

Claud H Vivian                        Hoole House Chester

WE? Ingram?                          Agent for Earl Shrewsbury & Talb?

Alfred Shaw                            Oak Cottage Hoole

Hal? Norris                             Leahurst Hoole

Lillie S Elias?                          Trafford

M Hamilton                             Trafford

Eliza J Ewing                          Golden Grove Hoole

See Original 'Memorial' & Signatories, page 5

Mary Wainwright                                

Robert Hartshorne                  Hoole

Charles Bentley                      Hoole

James Bentley                        Hoole

Ellis Eccles                             Hoole

John Taylor                             Hoole Hall

William Eccles                        Hoole

Alan? White                           Trafford

Ellis Eccles Jun?                    Hoole

Henry Hood                            Bridge Trafford

John Wright                            Bridge Trafford

Thos. Henry Hughes              Trafford

Walter Livesy?                        Bridge Trafford

Samuel Taylor                         Royal Oak Hoole

Joseph Taylor                         Oak Farm Hoole

George Gibbs                         Hoole Bank Hoole

Wm Garnett                            Trafford

Jack Ferny Hough                  Trafford

John Pritchard                       Trafford

Ge? Large?                             Trafford

Samuel Peacock                     Trafford

Thomas Brereton                    Trafford

John Ellison                            Trafford

Peter Hughes                          Trafford

James Horrard                        Finch?

Edward Littler                          Trafford

Millau? Bromley                      Trafford

James Johnson                      Trafford

John Pickston                         Trafford

See Original 'Memorial' & Signatories, page 6

Charles Brown (Alderman)     The Folly

Geo. H Kemp?                        Kilmorey Road

Edgar Dutton                          Millhouse Newton

John Forsyth Dunning            Hoole Road

John Lightfoot                         Provision merchant Newton

John Jones                             Builder

Thomas Bethuel Richardson  Auctioneer

David Dickinson                     Chemist Hoole

Charles Roberts                     Flour Dealer Hoole

Jalcrees? Somerville              Hoole

Ann Bowman                          Kilmorey Park

Annie Horne                            2 Swinfen? Villa Hoole

Frederick Anderson                Vicarage. Hoole

Frederick Walley                     Hamilton Street

G TA? Wood                           Grocer Peploe St

Lisa Hawlie?                           Kilmorey Park Newton

E? Watson                              6? Alexandra Terce? Hoole

Thomas Laird. UB?                Hoole Chester

E Harrison                              Confectioner Faulkner St Chester

S? R Pickering                        2 Allington Terrace

Margaret Williams                   1 Swinfen Villa

Rob? Pell                                5 Lightfoot Street

George Melridge?                   Hairdresser Hoole

Thomas Hart Davies               Newton

See Original 'Memorial' & Signatories, page 7

Robert Grant?                         Shrublands Hoole

James P Goring?                    Rosslyn Hoole

Joseph Bostock                      Hamilton Terrace Hoole

J Fletcher                                Upton View Hoole Rd Chester

Mr? S? Arnold?                       5 Derby Place Hoole Chester

J? Ambrose? Lloyd                 Kilmorey Road

E M? Bowman                        Kilmorey Park

Richd Bowman                       Kilmorey Park

J ???? T???sd??? JP?          Hoole Chester

David Griffiths Physician        Hoole Chester

Ann Stanley                            Grocer?

Jane Daniels                          

Edward Richards                    3? Charles St

John O Reilly?                        Hoole

Mrs? Barber?                          Brook Lodge

Thos. H. Webb                        6 Egerton Terrace

R?W? Dodd                            1 Derby Place

F?W? Everest?                       2 Derby Place

Matilda Sutton                         Faulkner St

H Barlow                                 All Saints Sch Hoole

See Original 'Memorial' & Signatories, page 8

W Sparling                              Vicar of Upton Chester

Charles Townshend                Upton Bank

???????????                          ??????????

Emily E Logan                        

Edward Dean                          Upton

J Prince                                   Upton Park

W Smith                                  Upton Park

William Shone                         Upton Park

N? H Harris                             Upton Park

William Fitch                           Upton Park

John Griffiths                          Upton Park

Thomas Cox                           Upton Park Clerk in Holy Orders

James Woodward                   Upton Park

Thomas Bate                             “         “

Thomas Townsend                 Bache Hotel Upton

Joseph T Price                                  

George E Roberts                   Upton Park

John Davies                            Upton Park

Thomas Worrall??                  Caughall

Thomas Massey                     Upton?

John Wainwright                     The Acres Upton

William Phillips                       Hamilton St

Joseph Moore                         Upton

John Conde                            Upton

Joseph Darlington                   Upton

Willm Dodd                             Newton by Chester

Wm Holland                            Upton

John Whelan                           Upton Park

Joseph Crewe???                   Laurels Newton

Wm? Bullock??                       Upton School

John Dickinson                        Farmer Upton

Robert Thomas?                      Upton

Charles Parker                         Upton

Elizabeth Edwardson?             Upton 

See Original 'Memorial' & Signatories, page 9

Joseph Darlington                   Upton

Willm Dodd                             Newton by Chester

Wm Holland                             Upton

John Whelan                           Upton Park

Joseph Crewe???                   Laurels Newton

Wm? Bullock??                       Upton School

John Dickinson                        Farmer Upton

Robert Thomas?                     Upton

Charles Parker                        Upton

Elizabeth Edwardson?            Upton

John Gillam                             Upton

William Nield                           Upton

Wm Hughes                          

Wm Davies                             Upton

William Williams                     Upton

Stephen Blake                      

Stephen May                           Upton

John Cash                               Upton

William Jones                          Upton

George Smith                        

Thomas Bailey                       Upton

See Original 'Memorial' & Signatories, page 10

??man?                                    Flag Lane Upton

Hibbert? Charles                      Upton

Edward Crofts?                        Upton

J Wright                                   Upton

George Hibbert                       Upton

Thomas Hughes                     Upton

John Dean                             Upton

Joseph Maddocks                  Upton

K?William Smith                     Upton

Wm? Barnett                          Upton

Thomas Lockley                     Upton 

See Original 'Memorial' & Signatories, page 11

WmG? Brown                         3 Northgate St Chester

agent for the undermentioned property owners in Hoole viz:-

                                                Charles Williams

                                           Trustees of Mrs Williams

                                                George Williams

                                                Sarah Williams

                                               Miss? Gamon

                                                 Edward Dixon & Another

                                                 Thomas Horton

                                                James D Court

J A? Hamersley                       Hoole Lodge, Chief Constable for Cheshire

Reginald H? Blair                    Hoole Cottage Chester

                                                    Liverpool merchant

Chas. H.? Browne                  Clevelands, Hoole

                                                     & Liverpool Merchant

Geo R Burnaby?                     The Cedars Hoole

                                                     Liverpool merchant

J H Jones                                Alexandra Terrace

                                                      Hoole and


                                                      Commercial Traveller

W J Ralph                                Hoole & Barmouth


H Sumpter                               21 Charles St Master Builder

                                                         And Owner of Property

P?? Hunter?                            2 Panton Villas Hamilton St

                                                         ?? & Manager Chester Gasworks?

PH Williams                            8 Hamilton St. Hoole &


John Holland Williams             8 Hamilton St Hoole

                                                          Per PHW Commercial Traveller

J Cerwain? Eaye?                  Coal Factor. Hamilton St. Hoole

See Original 'Memorial' & Signatories, page 12

(to be read alongside H Sumpter’s entry – page 9)

i.e. Land now being built on available for 130 houses. 14 already built and sold.

Notable signatories: (from Total 197)

Earl Kilmorey                          Walker Smith Way his agents

Georg A. Dickson                   Springfield Flookersbrook

Claud H Vivian                        Hoole House Chester

Charles Brown (Alderman)     The Folly

David Dickinson                     Chemist Hoole

Frederick Anderson                Vicarage. Hoole

H Barlow                                 All Saints Sch Hoole

J A? Hamersley                       Hoole Lodge, Chief Constable for Cheshire

H Sumpter                                21 Charles St Master Builder

Suggested research activities:

1.         Examine copy of original signatures

2.         Try to decipher unclear ones

3.         Find ones that interest you – either by location or name

4.         Ask yourself if you know anything about any signatory(ies), in addition to notable people already mentioned

5.         Look at geographical spread

6.         Look at properties – do they still exist? If not, where were they?

7.         Look at range of occupations/professions.

8.         Follow your own nose

9.         Evidence for knocking on doors, or stopping in street?