Meetings 2019

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Hoole History & Heritage Society Meetings - 2019

Thursday January 10th

'Hoole Lane from the Railway Bridge to Boughton' - Speaker Ralph Earlam

Wednesday February 20th

'A matter of convenience: The crisis in mid-19th Century sanitation and the sewers of Hoole' - Speaker Monty Mercer

Thursday March 14th

'The History of Chester's Tanneries' - Speaker Tom Welsh

In the 16th and 17th centuries Chester was known for its leather industry and many tanyards were built. The manufacture of leather was a complicated process, using different types of animal skins which had to be cleaned, cured and dyed in order to produce the finished article. There was a tanyard in Flookerersbrook owned by Thomas Walker and managed by William Williams, a tanner, who lived at Ashtree House.

Wednesday April 10th

'Galtieri: my role in his downfall' - Speaker Chris Carôe

A local resident who took part in the Falklands War gave an account of his experience during the campaign

Thursday May 9th

'The Greenwood Plans for Hoole between the Wars' - Speaker Linda Webb

In 1945, Charles Greenwood, Chester City Engineer and Surveyor, after many vicissitudes and delays, published his ambitious 'Plan for Redevelopment' of Chester and surrounding areas begun under the Chester Town Planning Scheme in 1919.

The Plan, with an appendix on 'The Old Buildings and Houses of Chester', is a fascinating and visionary document, parts of which have been realised and are a familiar part of present-day local life. Some ideas have turned out to have been missed opportunities, whilst others might be seen to have been fortuitously avoided.

The focus of the talk is the Plan, and contemporary photographs and other documents will be used to illustrate it.

Wednesday June 19th

'Browns of Chester' - Speaker Sue Taylor

Sue Taylor has studied the history of Chester's iconic and once fashionable department store, which is of particular interest because Charles Brown lived at Folly House and played an important part in the community life of Hoole and Newton. The story starts in 1782 when Miss Susan Towsey sent her buyer to London to choose some 'pretty fancy ribbons'. She later married Mr John Brown and 'Browns of Chester' became established in Eastgate Street.

Thursday July 11th

'Walking Tour of Lightfoot, Walker, Charles and Faulkner Streets' - Led by Ralph Earlam

These are historic Hoole street names and the walk will look at the significance of various buildings, past and present along them - shops, houses, chapels and pubs.

Wednesday September 18th

'The role of the railways in the First World War' - Speaker Phil Cook

Railways played an essential role during the First World War being able to transport men, armaments and equipment to vital destinations quickly. Raw materials, fuel and finished products needed for the war effort were moved in bulk to and from the factories which were working at full capacity. Sadly, ambulance trains also had to be introduced to move the wounded to the auxiliary hospitals set up in many communities across the country.

Thursday October 10th

'How Geology has affected the River Dee and thus the location and history of Chester and its surrounding area' - Speaker Peter Elliott

Wednesday November 20th

'WW1 - the peace settlement and end of the war years' - Speaker Linda Webb

Thursday December 12th

Annual General Meeting

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