Meetings 2012 to 2016

From Hoole History and Heritage Society

Hoole History & Heritage Society Meetings – 2012 to 2016

Date Presentation Presenter
Jun 12 Open Morning at Hoole Community Centre: Public invited to bring in documents of local interest. (prior to inauguration of Society)
Sep 12 Inaugural meeting of Hoole History & Heritage Society “Thomas Brassey” John Whittingham
Oct 12 An overview of Hoole’s development in the Victorian Period Linda Webb
Nov 12 Members’ Visit to Chester Heritage Centre: Research into Victorian resources, especially maps
Date Presentation Presenter
Jan 13 Planning Victorian Hoole Project Linda Webb
Feb 13 ‘Route Map for Victorian Project’, and

‘Information on 91 Hoole Road, and the Mowle, Bridgeman and Walker Families, Tithe Map’

Linda Webb
Mar 13 Members’ Visit to Railway Museum, York: Research: Hoole and the Railways
Mar 13 The coming of the Railways and feedback to Members from York museum visit Ralph Earlam

Linda Webb/Phil Cook

Apr 13 Members’ Visit to Cheshire Record Office: Research into archives
May 13 The history of Hoole: Hoole’s Victorian streets, roads and land Ralph Earlam
Jun 13 Exploring daily life, church, school, leisure and work Linda Webb
Jul 13 Daily life, clubs, societies, allotments, bowls family memorabilia Linda Webb
Sept 13 Ground-breaking research and information on the Royal Agricultural Show held in Hoole in 1893 Monty Mercer
Oct 13 The early years of Chester Football Club when its ground was located on two sites in Hoole Chas Sumner
Nov 13 “What the Papers Said” about life and events in Victorian Hoole Linda Webb
Dec 13 Annual General Meeting
Date Presentation Presenter
Jan 14 Information gathering day - World War I
Feb 14 Follow-up from Information Day and setting of Calendar for 2014
Mar 14 ‘The Lost Gardens of Hoole’ - the story of Hoole House and its rock gardens built by Lady Eliza Broughton Ray Jones
Apr 14 WW1 “The Calm before the Storm” Gerald Tighe
May 14 Hoole district tour Hoole Road Ralph Earlam
Jun 14 Hoole district tour from Westminster Road via Lightfoot Street to Charles Street Ralph Earlam
Jun 14 Tour: Chester Station & The Coming of the Railways Phil Cook
Jul 14 Members' Questions evening. Hoole's Coat of Arms, William Titherington, The Shrublands and Edwin Ashley, cab driver. Ralph Earlam
Sep 14 Virtual Tour of Hoole Linda Webb
Oct 14 Two Parcels of Land (Moor Park and Cow Pastures) from pre-Tithe Map to the Present Day Ralph Earlam
Nov 14 The Battle of Audregnies 24th August 1914 Ged Ellis
Dec 14 Annual General Meeting
Date Presentation Presenter
Jan 15 Parcels of land in Hoole – Part 2 - third parcel of land related the history of Flookersbrook Field; and a history of Egerton Terrace and the family of James Mowle Ralph Earlam
Feb 15 The effects of WW1 upon the families of the Parish of St. Werburgh's Ann Marie and John Curtis
Mar 15 Information gathering day - Westminster Road School and Hoole Community Centre
Apr 15 The Chester Union Workhouse Hoole Lane- details of the occupants, the staff, the regime and conditions Linda Webb
May 15 150th Anniversary of Westminster Road School

& Feedback from information morning in March

Linda Webb

Ralph Earlam

Jun 15 Tour of Chester Railway Station - Anniversary celebrating the railways coming to Chester in 1840 Phil Cook
Jul 15 Hoole Alexandra Park- from early Committee papers of Hoole Urban District Council Linda Webb
Sep 15 175 Years of Railways in Cheshire (Display)

& Walking Tour

Linda Webb

Phil Cook

Oct 15 Siege of Chester 1645-6

150th Anniversary: Westminster Road School

Bob Burgess

Ralph Earlam

Nov 15 Early Railway History Phil Cook
Dec 15 Annual General Meeting & Social
Date Presentation Presenter
Jan 16 James Hampson Spencer - a Victorian chemist and photographer with premises in Bridge Street Linda Webb
Feb 16 ‘Cheshire’s own Magna Carta’ - Commemorating the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta Prof. Graeme White
Mar 16 ‘Canals & Rivers around Chester’ - highlighting the industries and businesses Ray Buss - Chester Canal Heritage Trust
Apr 16 ‘Flookersbrook’ - early history and the extent of the land to which it gave its name John Ebo
May 16 ‘Hoole Road Bridge’ - its construction and development Phil Cook
Jun 16 ‘Battle of the Somme’ - 100th Anniversary Dave Rees
Jul 16 ‘Newton Hollows’ - Roman road from Wilderspool to the river Dee Monty Mercer
Sep 16 ‘The Ermine’ - in Victorian times, an important hotel offering accommodation and stabling Ralph Earlam
Oct 16 HH&HS members review of progress
Nov 16 Belgians who came to Chester in WW1 Ann Marie Curtis - St. Werburgh’s Parish WWI Group
Dec 16 Annual General Meeting & Social