Law Street

From Hoole History and Heritage Society

Law Street, Hoole

Built at a right angle to what was then the end of Peploe Street, the next field being Cow Pastures which was not built on until the 1890s, Law Street consisted of 18 terraced cottages. In 1876, Mr. Lloyd's cow keeper’s business at No.2 was sold by auction including a well-bred in calf cow, a cow in milk, a useful pony and cart and dairy equipment. The business was still being operated by Elizabeth Griffiths in 1892. The cows were kept on the open land behind. In 1911 a fish and chip shop was run at No.18 by a Mr. Davis.

In response to a query from a reader, the Society discovered some incidents that occurred here. In 1867 a girl aged 2 was crushed by a turning horse-drawn coal cart; in 1895 a child died after playing with fire and igniting his clothes; in 1883 a man was charged with taking laudanum with intent to commit suicide.

The shop on the corner with Peploe Street was originally a general store, is remembered by old 'Hooligans' as a newsagent called Sharmans, and more recently (35 years) has been a barbers and hairdressers. Law Street was demolished in the 1960s; the photograph shows the north side and Sharmans shop.