Hoole Millennium Book

From Hoole History and Heritage Society

Our thanks to the Hoole Area Residents Association (HARA) for allowing the Hoole History and Heritage Society to publish on our website a reproduction of the Hoole Millennium Book, originally printed as a booklet in 2000. The Book was based on the Hoole History Project (1981-83) and research by William G. Crampton MEd – to whom the booklet is dedicated.

Hoole Millennium Book, printed 2000

In the years since HARA’s work, a considerable amount of information about Hoole and the surrounding area has been made accessible digitally. This, together with further research by members of the Society, has resulted in a number of inaccuracies having been found in the Millennium Book. Readers are therefore advised to check if there are any up-to-date articles on the website. None of these updates detract from the work done by the compilers of the Millennium Book who could never have imagined that some 20 years later it would be accessible through a Hoole History and Heritage Society website on the internet.

Accordingly, the Society accepts no responsibility for the material contained in the Millennium Book, publishing it here purely as a record of the development of the understanding of Hoole’s history.