Hoole Local Board Petition 1894

From Hoole History and Heritage Society

Chester Record Office folder holding 1894 proposal to extend Hoole boundary

There is a lot more documentary evidence about the factors which had a bearing on the expansion of the Hoole Local Board boundary into its adjoining Manor and Township in 1894. If anyone wishes to look at these events in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact Linda Webb through Hoole History and Heritage Society (Contact Us). Further information can be made available by e-mail in response to specific inquiries.

The main file of evidence is available at the record office, Duke Street Chester.

The Hoole Local Board made two proposals in 1894, just before the introduction and the election of Urban District Councils:

  1. to alter the boundary of Hoole Local Board to include a portion of the Township of Hoole up to the railway line and a portion of the Township of Newton by Chester.
  2. to divide the extended area into ‘Hoole Ward’ and ‘Newton Ward’, enlarging the membership of the Local Board from 12 to 16.
Newton Owners and Occupiers Meeting Notice February 1894

When the Local Board ‘petitioned’ its proposal to include “that part of the Township of Newton-by-Chester which lies between the Hoole Road and the Cheshire Lines Railway” within an extended boundary, it was responded to by the owners and occupiers of all houses and land in the part of Newton-by-Chester affected by the Hoole Local Board petition.

The owners and occupiers of the houses and the land in Newton by Chester who were affected, met in the Ermine Pub in on Tuesday 6th February 1894 under the Chairmanship of Charles Brown. The meeting decided to present its own petition.

Letter to the Clerk of the County Council, signed by Sam Smith, on behalf of Newton by Chester of owners and occupiers of houses and land affected

The County Council, at its meeting at Chester Castle on 15th March 1894, nevertheless concluded that Hoole Local Board had made a ‘prima facie’ case for altering its boundary.

County of Chester Notice of Inquiry on 4 April 1894

An inquiry, at which the evidence was presented, was held in public on Wednesday 4th April 1894 at All Saints’ National Boys’ School. The address is given as ’off Faulkner Street’. The school’s address was, later, School Street, but New Walker Street and School Street were yet to be constructed.