Hoole History & Heritage Society Meetings - 2021

Thursday, 20th April

“The Duke, the Coutourière and the Deed of Gift” Part 1 the lives and long-term relationship between Hugh Richard Arthur (Bendor) Grosvenor, 2nd Duke of Westminster, and Mlle Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel Monty Mercer

Thursday, 18th May

“The Duke, the Coutourière and the Deed of Gift” Part 2 Monty Mercer

Thursday, 17th June

“Balloons over Hoole” - “up in the air” with overlooked pioneering 1785 Hoole resident Thomas Baldwin (Balloonist). He ascended 4 miles, travelling 25 miles on 8th September that year. His subsequent sketch of Chester from the air was the first actual view of the earth from above. A related article can be found on Peter's Website: here

Thursday, 22nd July

“JC Loudon esquire, Hoole House Estate, and the People’s Parks in Hoole” - The talk explored the emergence of the parks and open spaces in Hoole from the Hoole House Estate. In 1831, John Claudius Loudon, an eminent landscape designer, authority, writer and critic, visited the renowned gardens of Hoole House, “one of the most remarkable specimens of the kind in England”. He recognised the need for comprehensive public improvements. The parks and open spaces in Hoole went on to reflect this and municipal developments of the late 19th century. Linda Webb

Thursday, 30th September

“Compiling the Local Heritage List for Hoole” Part 1 - Dr James Dixon, Built Environment Officer (Conservation and Design), Cheshire West and Chester Council, accompanied by Ruth McKew, a co-Director of Headland Design Associates, presented a central government funded project to compile an up-to-date local heritage list for the area offering us the opportunity to engage in identifying locally significant heritage assets. This will hopefully ensure our existing research receives the attention it deserves.                        

Thursday, 21st October

Members’ Discussion and follow-up of Local Listing Part 2

Thursday, 17th November

“The Royal Agricultural Show in Hoole in 1893” (joint event with Hoole Allotments & Gardens Association) - The location was later used to form the Park, Playing Fields and Allotments. Preparations for the Show, the Show itself and its lasting legacy were illustrated by newly discovered contemporary stereoscopic photographs of the “royal” aspect. Monty Mercer

Wednesday, 15th December

Annual General Meeting - Ralph Earlam stood down after eight years as Chairman. Linda Webb accepted the nomination and was elected to the Chair. Derek Stanley accepted nomination as the new Vice-Chair and was duly elected. In addition to the continuing Committee Members (Ruth Ludgate [Secretary], Phil Cook [Treasurer], Monty Mercer, Peter Addison, Mike Fazey and John Ebo), we were very pleased to welcome Peter Elliott and Kath McGeough to the Committee. We look forward to working together to urge the Society on in this new era.

Chairman's Annual Report 2021